DINAH USB-C is very similar to our original DINAH USB A. The basic packaging and circuitry is identical. It has the following two changes.

The Type A USB male connector has been replaced with a female USB-C connector and the three LEDs are now implemented using SMT components viewed through small holes in the end caps.

Please refer to our DINAH USB-A page for more information.


DINAH USB-C is available as a simple parts kit (install 4 through-hole parts and complete final assembly) or completely assembled. Shipping is $9 via USPS Mail. Payment via Paypal is preferred. Click on the button below to Download a PDF fillable order form. A cable to connect from your Pi USB type A port to DINAH’s USB-C port is not included.

Complete the order form and email it as an attachment to kits4hams@gmail.com. We will check your order, add it to our waitlist and notify you with an approximate waiting time. We will then send you a Paypal invoice when we can fulfill the order.


Support of DINAH is provided via the DINAH group at  www.groups.io

The purpose of the DINAH group is to serve as the main hardware support source and discussion group for hams building and using the DINAH Allstar Radio Interface. Support of the Allstar distribution you install in your Raspberry Pi and use in conjunction with DINAH is best obtained from the source of the Allstar distribution (i.e. allstarlink.org or hamvoip.org). You need to join the DINAH group in order to download files and post messages. 

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