SHARI PiHat Mod2 Board Only

The SHARI PiHat Mod2 board is available as a kit for $65 and assembled and tested for $90 (see note 1). This kit consists of a printed circuit board with all SMD parts installed (the builder installs the following supplied parts)

  • SA818S radio module
  • JST right angle male connector (J2)
  • 2 conductor cable with female JST connector and 2 hole binocular ferrite to connect to RPi (The two wires on this cable must be soldered to the appropriate pins on your Raspberry Pi boards USB connector)
  • SMA antenna connector
  • 40 pin female GPIO connector

The purchaser must specify:

  • UHF or VHF band
  • SMA connector type. An SMA connector is supplied. It can be a vertical mount connector or edge mount. If edge mount, it can be short (11mm of threads) or long (15mm of threads). Also, the PiHat Mod2 board now includes an installed U.FL coaxial connector jack (J3 in the photo). This can be used with a user supplied coax cable/SMA connector assembly to easily locate the user supplied antenna in the desired location in a user supplied case.
  • (Vertical or edge-mount SMA connector)

Options include:

  • Installation of the SA818 (additional $5)
  • Fully assembled and tested (additional $25)
  • Fan with right angle pin header ($10)

Not included in the kit:

  • Antenna
  • Any other parts normally included in our SHARiI PiHat Unistorm kit

Shipping to US destinations is $9 via USPS Mail provided your order fits in our standard shipping box. Payment via Paypal is preferred.

Send an email to including your amateur radio call indicating you would like to purchase the SHARI PiHat Mod2 board.. We will send you a purchase request form for you to complete and return to us to document the desired configuration.

Note 1 – We can only supply the assembled and tested board with a vertical SMA connector. For the edge mount connector, it will be supplied uninstalled for you to install.

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