PAUL (Packet and Allstar Universal Link) is a kit construction project designed by N8AR that implements a radio interface to a Raspberry Pi running Allstar or DireWolf software.  PAUL is essentially a DINAH in a larger case with the following changes:

  • Change the 6 pin miniDIN connector to a DE9 connector (9 pin dsub) with typical packet pinout.
  • Add potentiometers to adjust RX and TX audio levels.
  • Use a USB A to Mini-B cable to connect to a Raspberry Pi.
  • Provide optically coupled solid state relays to interface to radio COS and PTT.
  • Surface mount LEDs simplify kit assembly.

Key Features

  • Small, portable, USB-powered
  • Pre-assembled SMD board simplifies construction
  • Uses CM119B or CM108B USB audio codec integrated circuit
  • Optically coupled solid state relays for COS and PTT facilitate interfacing to different radios
  • Standard 9 pin dsub connector faciitates making a custom interface cable
  • Rugged, RFI-resistant metal enclosure
  • RFI filter capacitors
  • Ferrite filters
  • Interfaces to standard packet (data) interface on many VHF/UHF radios
  • 3D printed plastic enclosure end caps minimize mechanical assembly effort
  • Blank metal end caps included for modification and use in the event of RFI issues
  • Jumpers and extra parts locations facilitate custom configurations


PAUL kit Parts

PAUL Construction

PAUL uses a single circuit board. The board contains surface mount (SMD) parts as well as 3 through-hole parts (DE-9 connector and two potentiometers)

Assembled PAUL PC Board

The PAUL kit contains all of the parts required to build the device as well as a short USB A to miniB cable. All the surface mount parts have been installed on the PC board. The builder only has to solder three through-hole parts to the board. The kit includes a set of plastic 3D printed end caps for the enclosure. It also includes blank metal end caps (you add the required cutout and holes) which can be used instead of the 3D printed end caps (at the builders discretion). It does not include the Raspberry Pi, the Pi power supply or a case for the Pi.

The PAUL Constuction Manual can be downloaded here:

PAUL Ordering Information

PAUL is available as a simple parts kit (install 3 through-hole parts and complete final assembly) for $45 or completely assembled for $55. Shipping is $9 via USPS Mail. Payment via Paypal is preferred. Send an email to for ordering and delivery information.

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